Are Bust Pads a Pain in the Bust?

Are Bust Pads a Pain in the Bust?

Many ladies love removeable bust pads though it's difficult to find them to purchase on their own. (available here in Tops)  The sports bra you're fitting must have an insertion pocket. However, if your sports bra or crop top does not have an insertion pocket and you really want to use bust pads then you can rough it by carefully cutting a slash in the side seam of your top's lining.  BE CAREFUL!  And only cut a 1" slash as the opening will stretch!  Proper insertion is tricky so here's how to do it.:

The bottom of the bust pad is wider, the top is rounded and comes to a point.  Fold the bust pad in half vertically, slip it into the pocket and wiggle it into place between the lining and the top itself.  Bust pads tend to move around (they have a life of their own) so if you are entering a special performance or planning a lot of movement, then you should pin or stitch your pads into place.  Use tiny gold pins.  You won't regret it and if you don't do it you might end up with shifty bust pads and a funny shape!

Good quality bust pads survive a lot of washings in cool water but do not survive the dryer.  Treat your bodywear with bust pads like you would a fine swimsuit and wash in warm soapy water, rinse and press out the water with a towel.  Do not twist or wring.  Lay flat or hang to dry.

It may sound like a lot of hassle but believe me you will have a much better look to your crop top or sports bra but mainly you will have 'no show' confidence and security.


Written by Roslyn Ruso
Artistic Director, Designer

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