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Best Activewear for Your Body Shape

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Finding the right activewear for your body type can be challenging, but don’t worry — Bodyworks is here to help! No matter your body type, there is a style and comfortable fit of activewear that is right for you. Let’s talk about four of the most common body shapes and the activewear that typically fits best for each!

Bodyworks Activewear Pop-Art set

Activewear for Large Busts

Ladies with top-heavy figures know the struggle that arises when it comes to finding activewear that provides adequate support while still looking stylish. For your body type, you’ll likely find that wide scoop necks and v-necks are the most flattering. Tops with visible seams help sculpt your body and provide the illusion of a smaller waistline. Wearing solid colors on a loose-fitting top paired with patterns on the bottom also directs attention to your legs, elongating your body.

Activewear for Pear-Shaped Figures

The “pear” shaped figure is one of the most common figure proportions among women — a figure where the widest part of your body is just below your waist, around your hips. The key for this figure type is to achieve balance by drawing attention to your upper body and shoulders. Bright colored tops with lively prints can be paired with plain or darker printed full-length leggings, creating long leg lines. Wide neck tops also make your shoulders appear wider, providing more balance with your hips.

Bodyworks Activewear Emerald Petal set

Being petite has little to do with weight — it’s all about height. If you have a short torso, legs, narrow shoulders, or hips, you’re in the petite category! To help create the illusion of length, opt for full-length, high-waisted leggings. Wearing one consistent color tone can also help to elongate your body. If you decide to wear prints, choose smaller prints, since large or bold prints can break up your frame.

Bodyworks activewear Stride set

Activewear for Athletic Figures

Athletic figures tend to be fairly balanced from top to bottom, with shoulders, hips, and waist roughly the same width. The trick with athletic body types is to create some curves! Tops with open necklines and pleated sides tend to serve this body type well. For bottoms, avoid being completely monochromatic — choose bottoms with a different color than your top. These small details will help to accentuate your natural curves!

No matter what your body type is, Bodyworks Activewear has an activewear set that will work for you! Your active lifestyle shouldn’t have to mean settling for activewear that doesn’t look absolutely fabulous. Find your perfect style in our online store today!

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