Brain Challenge

Brain Challenge

It's so inspiring to hear that many of my friends are involved in online learning.  They've signed up for all manner of courses and I really admire their gumption and determination.  You are some amazing ladies!  In most cases you are adding to already vast learned knowledge and diverse work, interests, and hobbies.  Somewhere in the back of most of our minds there's a little voice that says "I wish I knew how to...." or "if only I could ....."  These aspiring girlfriends are studying photography, taking courses in 20th century music, learning the knitting machine, studying sommelier skills and learning international cooking. To already busy schedules they are adding yoga classes, Pilates, Zumba and some even have gone back to ballet. inspire me and everyone around you!  Now I need to get myself into a new gear too.....hmmmmm!  I've always wanted to be a pole dancer.


Written by Roslyn Ruso
Artistic Director, Designer

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