How to Cozy Up During a Spring Cold Spell

How to Cozy Up During a Spring Cold Spell

It’s May 28th and 4 degrees…actually there is snow coming down and what-the-heck? Though I packed away my Winter Woolies several weeks ago, today I rescued them from their closet confines, and I am cozied up in them now…and feeling fabulously comforted. I do this all the time in early spring, pack them away only to retrieve them within a few weeks during a summer cold spell, for a cool night at the cottage, to wear sitting around the fire pit where I’ve also found they deter mosquitoes from chomping down on legs! We were all duped into thinking true summer weather has arrived here in Ontario. It’s not uncommon in Canada to see temperature fluctuations of 30 degrees or more in just a
few hours! That is, I guess, what makes Canadians so tough and resilient.

When I first designed Winter Woolies for my kids in 2005 I never knew they would become such a staple and comfort and cheer my friends, clients and family for so many years. My son who is tree planting 1500 north of Edmonton has been saved from freezing temperatures by wearing his Winter Woolies for night sleeps. Unfortunately, they don’t offer ‘bear’ protection, (luckily he has a camper van to sleep in).

Here is my friend Christel who sends a pic of herself cozied up by the woodstove at her cottage in northern Manitoba. Doggie Lizzie has her own woolie coat on!


Wherever you go while enjoying and traversing this beautiful country this summer and Fall, stuff a pair of Winter Woolies into your luggage. They are packable, squishable, non-wrinkly and can pop out of your bag and onto your body to save you from most any inclement weather situation. BFF!

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