I'm getting a great response to the 2-Pc Shorts Sets I designed, which are


 If your bod's not up to high cut legs, skimpy bikini bottoms, bra tops that don't capture all the goods....(got yah there!)  you may find a swimmable suit here at Bodyworks Activewear that you like.  Some of my friends have commented how they love the new high waistband (it hides tummy C-scars even) and the boy-cut shorts.  I love the water and love  swimming but what I want to wear here, to the swimming pool or for a family/friends pool party is not the same as what I'd wear  in the Caribbean!

  Also, whereas I once love 'Tankinis'  I don't like all that excess material floating around my midriff when I'm in the water trying to do proper swimming or laps......I feel like I'm drowning in a tent!  So, with these 2-Pc Swimmable suits (labelled also as Acro Sets because they are fabulous for workout wear as well) you can look great, feel good and get your swims in feeling sexy and confident.

Also I wanted to mention how I redesigned the moderate racerback top.  Too many of the sports bra type tops available today are flattening and good only  for 32A bra sizes but,  I wanted better coverage and more shape (not that I am that well endowed!)   I designed these little 'pockets' inside the bra lining that hold optional bra foam cups (available to order) so that the bra inserts don't slip all around like they do so often.  You no longer need to tack or sew them in place!!  Yah!  Great idea if I do say so myself!   This has been a really annoying problem for women who want to wear bust pads in their crop tops /sports bras.  ( I even did a whole blog on bust pads which you can read!) So I created a little pocket that has extra fullness in it to be able to accommodate a 'shaped' bust pad, which is what we offer (two sizes are available)  Though most sports bras/crop tops have a lining there was no 'room for shaping' to create a nice, sculpted look in the top.  Now I solved that problem.

Anyway, I am loving these new 2-Pc Swimsuits a lot and ready to take on summer and swim with confidence and ease.

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