Hello, we are Bodyworks Activewear!

We are so happy that your search has led you here. Our proudly Canadian, all-female team is passionate about encouraging body positivity and joyful self-expression through fashion and fitness. Wherever you are on your fitness journey, we are here to support you with unique & fashionable fitness wear that will show off your beautiful body and the fierce, bold spirit inside. 

Our high-quality fitness wear is comfortable, stylish and fun. Each piece is expertly crafted with great care and skill to make you feel (and look) gorgeous - no matter what size you are. That’s what we believe in: A Style for Every Body.

With over 20 years of experience designing & manufacturing activewear, swimwear and dancewear, Bodyworks understands the technical requirements of different body types when it comes to fashion. Many fitness brands only offer their products up to a certain size, which excludes certain body types - and we think that’s just rude. Why can’t you rock the same crop top and bike shorts as your size 2 friend and look just as great? We say you can!

Sexy comes in every size, girl.

So get into your Bodyworks gear today and get active, whatever that means to you. We say good for you for going for it, for taking action towards your goals - it takes courage, so cheers to you!

Make an investment in yourself today, and live boldly in Bodyworks. 

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